Wholesome Glow ~nourish, heal, transform

My Approach

I believe...

...in Ayurvedic healing..."the Science of Life" and how to live in harmony with nature and its cycles.

...in food energetics and how taking on the quality and energy of the foods we eat radically improves our energy and overall health.

...in a spiritual practice and gratitude offerings. How mindfulness and a deeper connection with thyself will empower change and create lasting happiness.

...in balance. Creating a life in balance will breed a sense of calm, compassion and healing within our bodies. A new consciousness and recognition for all things good and proper in your life will become clear. 

...in unlocking your inner gorgeous! Love yourself enough to eat seasonal, organic whole foods, (in their purest form), start an organic, chemical-free skincare regimen, laugh, pray, mediate, dance and energize your inner beauty together with me! 

I will guide you step by step through my 3 or 6 month program (your choice!) and together we will explore just how radiant and beautiful you can be... inside & out! 

Eat intuitively and trust your body!

Through compassionate support, a personalized wellness program and many fun and free gifts along our journey, I can promise you greater overall fulfillment, increased energy, a heightened sense of awareness and mindfulness all while finding your rediscovered zest for life!

Wellness Wishes,

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